Workflow systems, like ActionFlow and TeamForge Action Server, monitor the system for certain conditions defined in one or more rules. When the condition set in a rule match the system conditions, the associated rule is executed. The Actions defined in the rule can then perform a workflow that in turn can consist of a sequence of predefined Actions. Follow these instructions to set up integrations with such workflow systems.
  1. Log on to TeamForge web UI with site administrator credentials.
  2. Select My Workspace > Admin.
  3. Select Projects > Integrated Apps.
  4. Select DLM and click Administer.
  5. Select Workflow Systems from the Administration pane.
  6. Click Create. The Create WorkFlow Integration page appears.
  7. Type the workflow system name and base URL (the URL where the workflow system is hosted. Use “https://” if using SSL).
  8. Click Create.
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