CollabNet DLM 17.4 (and later) is equipped with the ability to set up alerts. You can define alerts while creating rules and all such alerts, when triggered, are listed in the Home tab's Value Stream Activity Console.

The following illustration shows the DLM Value Stream Activity Console.

Value Stream Console

  1. Unique alert icons to distinguish alerts based on alert severity such as Info, Low, Medium and High. Alert severity is configured when you create/edit rules.

    Alert Severity Alert Icon
    Info Info
    Low Low
    Medium Medium
    High High
  2. Drop-down list to filter tables based on alert status. Alert’s status can be either Active or Dismissed. You can filter and view alerts that are Active or Dismissed or view All alerts.

  3. Drop-down list to filter and view alerts from the past 1, 7, 30 or All days.

  4. Buttons to filter and view alerts from specific phases of the value stream. You can select one or more phases of interest to filter and view alerts only from the selected phases.

  5. Shortcut menu to quickly accomplish tasks such as Dismiss/Activate an alert, view Alert Details and edit the rule that generated the alert (Navigate to Rule).

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