CollabNet ActionDesigner acts as the workflow editor for ActionFlow. You can create new workflows, edit and run existing workflows, and view the history for any specific action in CollabNet ActionDesigner. It has a yaml editor that lets you edit a particular workflow's yaml file.
  1. Open the following ActionDesigner URL in a browser: https://:8001/actiondesigner (for example, and log on to ActionDesigner using your ActionFlow credentials.
  2. Edit or run an existing workflow.
    1. Click the workflow you want to edit. ActionDesigner’s yaml editor opens up.
    2. Edit the workflow and click Save.
    3. Click Run to run the workflow.
  3. Add a new workflow.
    1. Click the “+” button. The Workflow dialog box appears.
    2. Select a pack from the Pack drop-down list.
    3. Type a name and description for the workflow.
    4. Click the “+” button to add parameters.
    5. Type a name, description, Enum, and default value for the parameter, and select its type from the drop-down list.
    6. Add as many parameters as you want and click Save.