This page walks you through the installation procedure for TeamForge Webhooks-based Event Broker.
Before You Begin
  • From TeamForge 19.3, TeamForge Webhooks-based Event Broker is installed automatically when you install/upgrade TeamForge. In other words, you don’t have to run the command yum install teamforge-webr separately.
  • You should have the TeamForge installation respository configured as part of the TeamForge installation.

Do this on the TeamForge Application Server to install the Webhooks-based Event Broker.

  1. Run this command:

    yum install teamforge
  2. Add the Webhooks-based Event Broker services (webr and webr-database) to the host:SERVICES token in site-options.conf file.

    For example:

    host:SERVICES=ctfcore ctfcore-database ctfcore-datamart search mail etl binary reviewboard reviewboard-database reviewboard-adapter cliserver webr webr-database
  3. Provision services.

    teamforge provision