TeamForge 18.1 is now available.

TeamForge 18.1 is out in the market to make Agile Lifecycle Management much easier. TeamForge 18.1 brings you salient features and fixes, which include:

  • Site Administration
    • Support for Multiple LDAP Servers
    • Enhancement to LDAP Configuration: Base Filter
    • One E-mail Address–Multiple User Accounts: Intermediate Login Page
    • Support to add local users
    • Browser Caching in TeamForge
  • Project Administration
    • Webhooks for Tracker Artifacts
    • Planning Folder Enhancements
    • Project Template Creation in the Background
  • Trackers
    • Automatic Truncation of Original Email Content from Reply Email
    • Support to Edit Comments in Tracker Artifacts
    • Markdown Editor for Description and Comments of Tracker Artifacts
    • Enhancements to Search Tracker Page
  • Documents
    • Associate TeamForge objects such as artifacts, documents, and so on with the desired version of a document
  • Enhancements to HTML Notification Email Templates
  • Reports–Auto Healing Process for Handling Invalid XML Records
  • SCM/Git/Gerrit
    • Support to add co-author information
    • Improved @mentions logic
    • Improved Add Reviewer function

For more information, see TeamForge 18.1 Release Notes.