Once you have your Artifactory server set up, install the TeamForge-Artifactory integration plugin.

You must keep the following information handy before installing the TeamForge-Artifactory integration plugin:

  • TeamForge Host URL: The URL to access TeamForge. For example, http://ctf.cloud.collab.net.
  • TeamForge administrator user name and password.
  • Artifactory Application Name: The name given to your Artifactory integration. In other words, the name found in the Artifactory integrated application configuration file.
  • Artifactory Host URL: The fully qualified Artifactory URL.
  1. Log on to the Artifactory server.
  2. Download the artifactory-teamforge-plugin-1.0.tar file.
  3. Unzip the artifactory-teamforge-plugin-1.0.tar file.
    • Linux:
      cd $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/plugins/
      tar -xf Artifactory-teamforge-plugin.tar
    • Windows: Use a utility such as WinRAR.
  4. Install the TeamForge-Artifactory integration plugin passing the -m flag to import TeamForge certificates. This is required only on SSL-enabled sites (https sites).
    sudo java -jar $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/plugins/lib/installer-1.0.jar -m

    Enter the TeamForge Host URL when prompted.

  5. Start Artifactory.
  6. Once Artifactory is up and running, upload the Artifactory IAF descriptors to TeamForge.
    sudo java -jar $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/plugins/lib/installer-1.0.jar -i

    Enter the TeamForge Host URL, TeamForge Administrator user name and password, Artifactory application name and Artifactory Host URL when prompted.

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