The following instructions are for installing Artifactory Pro 4.7 as a stand-alone server and integrating it with TeamForge.

Installing Artifactory Pro is straightforward. Unzip the Artifactory Pro bundle in a directory and start Artifactory Pro.

  1. Log on to the Artifactory Pro server.
  2. Download the Artifactory Pro zip file.
  3. To install Artifactory Pro manually, simply unzip the downloaded Artifactory Pro zip file to a location on your file system. This will be your $ARTIFACTORY_HOME location. See Installing Artifactory Pro.
  4. Run Artifactory Pro and verify the installation.

    Artifactory Pro can be accessed using the following URL: http://SERVER_DOMAIN:8081/artifactory

    For example, if you are testing on your local server you would use: http://localhost:8081/artifactory

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