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Activity Stream The Activity Stream provides a feed of recent activities and updates from within the TeamForge project context. Activities include Tracker, Source Code, and ...
Authenticate your Integrated Application with TeamForge To help third party developers write integrated applications, CollabNet provides an SDK.
Create Additional Site Administrators To assist in the administration of the TeamForge site, a person must have a site administrator user account with a corresponding role on that site.
Create a Global Project Role To help project managers get their project members set up quickly, provide ready-made project roles that any project on your site can use.
Create a Single User Account To participate in a TeamForge site, a person must have a user account on that site. TeamForge administrators can create these user accounts. This topic appli...
Create Multiple User Accounts To participate in a TeamForge site, a person must have a user account on that site. TeamForge administrators can provide access to multiple users by creating...
Delete a Global Project Role If you no longer need a global project role, you should delete it. On deleting a global project role, all the user associations in the projects are removed.
Edit User Accounts When a user has trouble accessing the site, you may need to reset the user's password or change the user's account status.
EventQ Architecture The TeamForge EventQ architecture aims for extensibility, fault tolerance, and scalability.
Find a User To find a user, filter the list all CollabNet TeamForge users on your site.
Add Users to a Project Before a person can work on a project, you have to make him a member of the project.
TeamForge-Git Integration Reference This topic discusses the mappings between TeamForge and Gerrit, Gerrit access rights, directory structure, connectivity, logs and configuration properties, a...
Give Project-independent Access for Project Tools To allow some CollabNet TeamForge users to use one or more CollabNet TeamForge tools across several projects, create site-wide roles with specific project pe...
What is a global project role? You might want to create roles that projects across the site can use with minimum effort and maintenance. Using global project roles is an easy way of enforc...
Integrated Application References Here is some stuff you may need to know to work with integrated applications.
Make Selected Users as Additional Site Administrators You can empower site users to assist in site administration by giving them a suitable role. Based on the permissions you grant via site-wide roles, you can s...
Manage User Groups To manage multiple users at once, create a group and add users to such user groups.
Modify Additional Site Administrator Privileges If restricted site administrators need to do things that are not allowed by a role you have assigned to them, you may need to change the permissions associat...
Modify a Global Project Role You may need to add or remove certain permissions from an existing global project role to assign new tasks or change the access permissions given via the role.
Control Project Access - Create a Role Based Access Control (RBAC) To control who can access your project, consider the purpose of your project and the appropriate type of user.
Handle a Request for Project Membership A registered CollabNet TeamForge user can ask to be a member of a project. As the project administrator, it's up to you to approve or reject such requests.
Handle a Request to Leave a Project A TeamForge user who wants to leave a project must submit a request. The project administrator can approve or reject the request.
Remove a User from a Project When you remove a user from a project, all items such as tasks and tracker artifacts that were assigned to the user are re-assigned to None.
Reset the Admin Account Password If your TeamForge installation authenticates against an LDAP directory, follow these instructions to reset your admin account password.
FAQs on Roles and Permissions in TeamForge These are some of the FAQs on the roles and permissions in TeamForge.
FAQs on Security These are some of the frequently asked questions on security.
TeamForge SOAP API Reference TeamForge provides a SOAP service for each tool in the application.
View All Roles Assigned to a User A user can have multiple roles in different projects either by being directly assigned those roles or by inheriting them. You might find it useful to see all...