CollabNet releases new versions of the TeamForge-Nexus integration plugin. It is recommended to upgrade your TeamForge-Nexus integration plugin whenever a new version is available.

TeamForge-Nexus Integration Plugin Release Notes

Here’s the release notes for TeamForge-Nexus integration plugin.

TeamForge-Nexus Integration Plugin v2.0

Name of the plugin: CTF-Nexus-Integration-Plugin-2.0.

Release Highlights

  • Usability of the Nexus installer (used to integrate Nexus with TeamForge) has been enhanced.
  • Improved peformance while loading Nexus UI.

Bug Fixes

  • When users log on to Nexus using CTF user credentials, the Nexus UI showed poor performance. This is fixed.
  • Fixed the time delay due to the presence of Nexus plugin in Maven builds.

TeamForge-Nexus Integration Plugin v2.0.1

Name of the plugin: CTF-Nexus-Integration-Plugin-2.0.1.

Release Highlights

  • Minor patch release.
  • Enhanced the TeamForge top navigation bar supported by Angular JS.
  • Released with TeamForge 16.7.

TeamForge-Nexus Integration Plugin v2.1.1

Name of the plugin: CTF-Nexus-Integration-Plugin-2.1.1.

Release Highlights

  • User session management between Nexus application and TeamForge integrated with Nexus has been handled in a much better way so that communication between TeamForge and Nexus happens smoothly as expected. This enhancement is done for the Nexus versions 2.9 through 2.14.
  • Improved peformance while loading Nexus UI.
  • Released with TeamForge 17.4.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue in which the 500: Internal Server Error was shown instead of 401: Unauthorized Error for any user activities in Nexus after a session timeout for the Nexus versions 2.9, 2.10, and 2.11. This fix is applicable for Nexus versions 2.9 through 2.14.
  • A 403: Forbidden error was shown as Nexus authentication failed for users whose session has timed out due to the expiration of OAuth token. This is fixed.

Also see: Known Limitations with TeamForge-Nexus/Artifactory Integrations

Upgrade the TeamForge-Nexus Integration Plugin

  1. Log on to the Nexus server.
  2. Stop Nexus if it’s running.
    • Linux:
      ./bin/nexus stop
    • Windows:
      \bin\nexus stop
  3. Modify the file.
    vim sonatype-work/nexus/conf/

    Replace TIME_TO_HOLD_CACHE=60 with the following two properties:

  4. Back up the existing TeamForge-Nexus integration plugin directory: <nexus-work-directory>/nexus/plugin-repository/<CTF-Nexus-Integration-Plugin>.
  5. Download the file.
  6. Unzip the file you downloaded into the <nexus-work-directory>/nexus/plugin-repository/ directory.
    • Linux:
      cd <nexus-work-directory>/nexus/plugin-repository
    • Windows: Use a utility such as WinRAR.
  7. Start Nexus.
    • Linux:
      cd <nexus-install-directory>
      ./bin/nexus start
    • Windows:
      cd <nexus-install-directory>
         \bin\nexus start

TeamForge-Binary Integration FAQs

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