Baselines can be reviewed once it is created. During the review cycle, the baselines can either be approved or rejected.

Baseline Review Process

You must have the baseline CREATE/VIEW permission to review baselines. You can either approve or reject baselines that are submitted for approval. You cannot edit the baseline that is in review.

You cannot re-submit a rejected baseline. If a baseline is rejected, you can create a new baseline and initiate the review process again.

Approve or Reject a Baseline

  1. Log on to TeamForge and select a project from the My Workspace menu.

  2. Click Baselines from Project Home menu.

  3. Click a baseline with the status Submitted from the baseline list view.

  4. Click Approve to accept the baseline. Else, click Reject to reject the baseline.

View Baseline

You can view the baseline, after it is approved.