Each project can have one or more source code repositories. Before you can create a source code repository, a site administrator must first add one or more SCM servers to the CollabNet TeamForge environment.
  1. Click Source Code in the project navigation bar.

  2. In the list of the project repositories, click Create Repository.

  3. On the Create Repository page, enter the directory name for the repository.

  4. Enter a name and description for the repository. If you plan to use an SCM server that requires approval for new repositories, use the Description field to provide your reason for asking to create this repository.

  5. Choose the server on which you want to create the repository.

  6. If you want to require that each code commit be associated with an artifact (or a task or some other work item), select Required on commit option next to the Association field.

  7. For security reasons, you may want to restrict email notifications to the essential information. If so, select Hide Details in Monitoring Messages.

  8. Click Save.

Your request for a new repository is submitted. You will receive an email notification when your repository is created or if your request for a new repository is denied.

  • If the SCM server that you chose does not require approval for new repositories, the repository is created.
  • If the SCM server that you chose requires approval for new repositories, a CollabNet TeamForge administrator must approve your repository before it is created.

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