Any time you upgrade your TeamForge site or a source control application, you must ensure that your users can still access their source code.
  1. Click Admin in the TeamForge navigation bar.
  2. Select Projects > Integrations.
  3. For each source control service you are supporting, verify that the right paths are specified.
    • SOAP service host should be localhost or the host name of the server on which you just installed TeamForge.
    • Repository base URL should be the URL for the top level of your source code server (which may be the same as your application server). For example, http://<myscmbox>/svn/repos
    • SCM Viewer URL should be the URL for the ViewVC application on your source control server. For example, http://<myscmbox>/integration/viewvc/viewvc.cgi
  4. Select all your CVS integrations and click Synchronize Permissions. This updates the permissions on your code repositories so that users can access them from the new site.