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Change the Logging Level on Your Site Set the logging level appropriately to enable logging in vamessages.log.
login-config.xml This is the sample application-policy block that you can copy into your login-config.xml file to support LDAP authentication.
pebble-app.xml The pebble-app.xml file, also known as the Pebble application configuration file, contains the text that the Pebble application displays in the TeamForge use...
pebble-dep.xml The pebble-dep.xml file, also known as the Pebble deployment configuration file, contains the data that Pebble needs to interact with the TeamForge site.
Site Options Change Log Change log of site-options.conf tokens.
TeamForge site-options.conf Tokens Here's a list of TeamForge `site-options.conf` tokens and configuration information.