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Activity Sources and Associations EventQ provides a mechanism, allowing you to add relevant project tools to the TeamForge project context. This is accomplished through—sources—which represen...
Activity Stream The Activity Stream provides a feed of recent activities and updates from within the TeamForge project context. Activities include Tracker, Source Code, and ... Run the script to add EventQ to existing projects.
FAQs on EventQ You may encounter these problems when using TeamForge EventQ.
Adapters - Integrations Using TeamForge EventQ TeamForge EventQ integrates with different flavors of work item, SCM/commit, build, and review servers using adapters.
EventQ Architecture The TeamForge EventQ architecture aims for extensibility, fault tolerance, and scalability.
EventQ Overview TeamForge EventQ is a TeamForge capability that provides traceability for product life cycle activities such as work items, SCM commits, continuous integrati...
EventQ System Administration Manage the TeamForge EventQ server-side components.
Extend TeamForge EventQ TeamForge EventQ provides a message queue (MQ) based interface for adding custom adapters and the Extensible Data Source (XDS) system for adding new product ...
Installation Requirements Here's what it takes to install and run TeamForge, EventQ and other integrations supported by TeamForge.