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TitleExcerpt Run the script to add EventQ to existing projects.
Add a Parent Project to Your Project You can coordinate work among multiple projects; enable the user, user group and role inheritance by adding a common parent project to several projects.
Add Projects to a Project Group You may be interested to start using the project group that brings your projects together. Add your projects to your project group as the initial step.
FAQs on Concepts and Terms in TeamForge These are some of the frequently asked questions on TeamForge concepts and terms.
Create and Manage Projects TeamForge administrators can do a variety of things to help projects on the site be successful.
Create a TeamForge Project Create a new project when you have identified work to be done that has its own distinct character, dependencies or schedule.
Create a Project Template To make it easier to start projects, provide project templates based on existing projects.
Customize TeamForge You can redesign some aspects of your site to suit your organization's needs and preferences.
Integrate or Link External Applications to Projects You can make it easy for project members to use a wide variety of applications and sites from within TeamForge.
Add Users to a Project Before a person can work on a project, you have to make him a member of the project.
Join a Project To create, store, and share work on a CollabNet TeamForge site, first join a project.
Add Review Board to TeamForge Projects When TeamForge Site Administrator has made the Review Board application available, Project Administrators can add it as one of their project tools.
Create and Manage Project Categories To help users navigate your site, help them sort projects into categories that make sense.
Edit a Project As a project administrator in TeamForge Lab Management, you can edit certain properties for your project.
Categorize a Project Organizing projects by categories can help users find what they need on a site quickly and easily.
Control Project Access - Create a Role Based Access Control (RBAC) To control who can access your project, consider the purpose of your project and the appropriate type of user.
Remove a User from a Project When you remove a user from a project, all items such as tasks and tracker artifacts that were assigned to the user are re-assigned to None.
FAQs on Projects These are some of the frequently asked questions on projects.
FAQs on Roles and Permissions in TeamForge These are some of the FAQs on the roles and permissions in TeamForge.
Define the Scope of Your Project Defining scope is an iterative, interactive process. As you go through it, you'll find elements of your scope expanding, shrinking or changing shape in respo...
Separate a Subproject from Its Parent Project When a subproject grows beyond its original scope, you may want to make it stand-alone project or move it to a different project hierarchy. By removing the a...
Set up Webhooks for Projects Webhooks can be configured both at a project level or for select repositories. Once set up, SCM events such as commit and merge are published to the Webhooks...