Here's a list of few noteworthy issues fixed in TeamForge 18.2.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented email notifications from being sent to users with Trackers license or both the SCM and Trackers licenses for objects they monitored.
  • Fixed an issue due to which the value of the single-select field (required field with a default value) was ignored when you import tracker artifacts.
  • Clicking Save and Close after updating an artifact takes you to the the List Artifacts page instead of the source page where you opened the artifact from. This is fixed. This fix is also applied to all the other pages and components in TeamForge.
  • Despite successful project deletion, an “Invalid project” exception was found in the log file, which was fixed.
  • Updating the user details via SOAP call reverted the user details that were updated earlier via the UI. This is fixed.
  • While fetching the artifacts with flex fields (created via the UI) via a REST API call, the User type flex fields data were missing. This is fixed.
  • Fixed an issue due to which an internal server error was thrown while updating artifacts via REST API calls.
  • The help text for flex fields that went outside the viewport has been wrapped to fit inside the viewport.
  • When the DNS lookup was not done via the /etc/hosts/ file, a TeamForge system error was thrown and the Commit Activity report was not generated. To fix this, copy /etc/hosts/ to /opt/collabnet/teamforge/var/cliserver/etc.

    cp /etc/hosts/ /opt/collabnet/teamforge/var/cliserver/etc
  • The teamforge-logrotate.conf file has been fixed to have the Apache service reloaded gracefully without terminating the ongoing connections.
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