TeamForge 18.2 has a lot of new features and enhancements. Here's a list of a few release-defining new features in TeamForge 18.2.

Release Information

  • Released on: July 27, 2018
  • GA Version: 18.2.562

Baseline in TeamForge

The beta version of the Baseline feature is being released with TeamForge 18.2. For more information, see Baseline Overview.

TeamForge-Nexus 3 Integration

TeamForge 18.2 supports both Nexus 3beta and Nexus 2 integrations. For more information, see TeamForge Binary Integration Overview.

To upgrade Nexus 2 to Nexus 3beta, see Upgrade Nexus 2 to Nexus 3.

Source Code Commit Governance with VersionOne VersionOne work item IDs, if used in your source code commit messages, are now automatically validated and associated with the actual Lifecycle work item.

This automatic work item association happens only if you have the following two parameters set up in TeamForge.


For more information, see Configure Your Site’s Settings.


The Create Artifact and Update Artifact pages have been enhanced with a few usability enhancements such as floating command buttons and button bars to accomplish frequently performed operations in a much simpler way.

UI Controls Description
Floating buttons have been added to the Create Artifact and Update Artifact pages. You no longer have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to perform common functions such as saving your changes.

Some of the command buttons have been replaced with new icons (grouped in a button bar) on the Update Artifact page. These icons let you copy an artifact’s URL to the clipboard, edit an artifact, start/stop monitoring an artifact, and clone an artifact.

The monitoring icon has now been color-coded. The monitoring icon toggles between blue ( ) and grey ( ) colors if you are monitoring and not monitoring an artifact respectively.

The “more” ( ) button on the button bar accommodates the rest of the functions.

Floating Top button that shows up on artifacts with a large number of comments. Takes you to the top of the page.
Floating Back button that shows up on artifacts with a large number of comments. Takes you back to the previous page.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

A DKIM signature is being added to the headers of all outgoing TeamForge emails to authenticate all outbound emails against email spoofing.

DKIM is enabled by default. If enabled, the DKIM signature is included in all the outgoing TeamForge emails. However, you can disable DKIM using the JAMES_DKIM_VERIFICATION token. In general, you must set up the following four newly added tokens on your TeamForge site (site-options.conf).


For more information, see TeamForge site-options.conf Tokens.

A TeamForge notification email with DKIM signature in its header


A new script, logger-db-query, has been added to enable or disable logging for queries. For more information, see logger-db-query.


Highlights of TeamForge-Git Integration 18.2.5-2.14.10

This section provides the highlights of TeamForge-Git Integration 18.2.5-2.14.10 released on Jul 12, 2018. For more information, see release notes of vanilla Gerrit version v2.14.10-1-gc3d8c937dd.

  • A new events-log plugin has been added. The Jenkins Gerrit Trigger uses this plugin to make sure that the system automatically retriggers CI verification for any missed events during Jenkins downtime and the corresponding builds are triggered.

  • A new rule has been added for enhanced commit governance. This rule enforces that the artifact and the commit must be in the same TeamForge project.
  • Improved user experience with review rules

    • Active review rules are displayed on the Actions panel.
    • Review rules description is added as a tooltip on the Actions panel. The tooltip describes which rule is violated and what steps need to be performed moving forward.
  • Enhancements in the Code Browser UI

    • Cloning with submodules in Code Browser—Enables recursive cloning of submodules in the Code Browser with the following system-defined cloning command:
    • Context-specific Cloning—Enables the users to checkout exactly the same revision/branch/tag that is being viewed on Code Browser, when cloning a repository.
    • Option to show only files with review comments—By default, all files with or without the code review comments are shown on the Files tab view. Select the check box Commented files only, if you want to see only the list of files that have review comments.

      Show Only Files with Review Comments

    • Review comments to unchanged lines of code—Code review comments, added to lines of code that have not been modified as part of the code change, are now visible in the UI.

    • Link to a single line of code or a range of lines—With the new linking capability, you can refer to a line of code or a range of lines in any revision of the file.

      Link to a Single Line of Code

      Link to Range of Lines of Code

    • Hide/Show details for code review comments—Allows toggling visibility for long review comments (having lot of log snippets or images) using the Expand/Collapse option.

      Hide or Show Code Review Comments

    • Option to block creation of new repositories—An option has been added to prevent creation of new repositories on selected SCM servers, thus enforcing the repositories to be created on servers with enough space.

      Block Creation of New Repositories

    • Option to prefix repository names with project—An option has been added to enforce project names to be added as prefix to new repositories created on a specific SCM server. This allows different projects to have repositories with the same name.

      Prefix Repository Names with Project

  • The PolyGerrit UI is now available. This has no impact on the TeamForge SCM UI. It is disabled by default. Users can enable it, if required.

  • A new importer plugin has been added. It is an EXPERIMENTAL plugin (not fully supported) and it is disabled by default.

Bug Fixes in TeamForge-Git Integration 18.2.5-2.14.10

  • If saving the Code Browser repository settings failed for the first time, the subsequent call to save the repository settings also failed (even though it was reported as successful). This issue is resolved.

  • Updated the error message that is displayed when multiple users save the configuration of the same project at the same time.

For Gerrit related bug fixes, see Bug Fixes in Gerrit 2.14.10.


The following are the latest software versions supported by TeamForge.

  • RHEL/CentOS 6.10 and 7.5
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