TeamForge 18.3 is now available.

TeamForge 18.3 is out in the market to make Agile Lifecycle Management much easier. TeamForge 18.3 brings you salient features and fixes, which include:

  • Baseline release candidate with new capabilities
  • SAML Authentication to Access Non-web Applications
  • Enhanced My Artifacts widget
  • TeamForge-Nexus 3 Integration
  • The New Webhooks-based Event Broker
  • New SCM Features
    • Inline Editing of Source Files on Git Repositories without Code Review
    • Inline Editing of Source Files on Subversion Repositories
    • Filter Commits in the Changes Tab
    • Find Files as You Type
    • View Git Blame Prior to a Specific Change
    • View PDF Files
    • View Images Stored in Git LFS
    • Download Button
    • Support for Multiple Git LFS Backends in Code Browser
    • Support for Java 9
    • Bug Fixes in TeamForge-Git Integration 18.3.6-2.14.16

For more information, see TeamForge 18.3 Release Notes.