Baselines once created can be reviewed. During the review cycle, the baseline undergoes various status transitions as defined by the Baseline Administrator.
Prerequisite: You must have Baseline Review permission to review a baseline.

Baseline Review Process

You can take an action on a baseline that is submitted for review. The available actions are based on the workflow status transition associated with the user role. For more information on the workflow status transitions, see Add Status Transition Workflow.

You can edit a baseline (only the baseline fields; not the filter criteria) as long as its custom status is having the status type Open. For more information on how to configure custom statuses, see Configure Custom Statuses.

You cannot edit a baseline in a terminal status, that is, custom statuses that are assigned to the status type Approved or Rejected.

You cannot re-submit a rejected baseline. If a baseline is rejected, you can create a new baseline and initiate the review process again.

Review a Baseline

  1. Log on to TeamForge and select a project from the My Workspace menu.

  2. Click Baselines from Project Home menu.

  3. Click any baseline with the status type Open from the baseline list view.

  4. Click the Submit drop-down button. This lists the custom statuses associated with the workflow transitions for your user role. For more information on how to add workflow transitions, see Manage Status Transition Workflow.

  5. Select the required status and click Submit.

  6. If you have selected a custom status whose status type is either Approved or Rejected, you are asked for the reason to approve or reject. However, while rejecting the baseline, you must give a reason/comment for rejecting it.

Add Comments

You can add comments to a baseline during the review process.

To add comments to a baseline:

  1. Click on the required baseline from the list of baselines.

  2. Enter the required comments in the text box in the Comments section and click the Save link (or press Shift+Enter).

  • Show All option

    Show All is the default option selected in the Comments section to show the comments and audit logs.

  • Comments Only option

    To view only the comments, select the Comments Only option in the Comments section.

View Baseline

You can view a baseline, after it is approved or rejected. In other words, you cannot edit the baseline fields after the status of the baseline changes to Approved or Rejected.