A project baseline can be defined as a set of item level baselines created from the requirements phase to the release/delivery phase of a project. You can create a project baseline using the project baseline definition. When a project baseline is created, a snapshot of all items, comprising the project baseline definition and the constituent item level baseline definitions will be stored.

You must have Create Project Baseline permission to create a project baseline.
Project baseline definition is required before a project baseline is created.
Before you begin:

The filter criteria for Trackers, Documents, Source Code Repositories, File Releases, and Binaries are fetched from the project baseline definition.
Except for the filter criteria of Source Code Repositories, you cannot edit the filter criteria for other components such as Trackers, Documents, File Releases, and Binaries, while creating a project baseline.

To create a new project baseline:

  1. Log on to TeamForge and select a project from My Workspace.
  2. Click Baselines from the Project Home menu.
  3. Click the Baseline Current Project link on the baseline list view.
  4. Enter values for the required fields in the Create Project Baseline page.

    Create Project Baseline

  5. Click Preview to Create.
  6. Click Create Baseline on the Preview Project Baseline page.

    Preview Project Baseline

  7. If required, click Back to edit the baseline on the Create Project Baseline page.

View Project Baseline

Once the project baseline is created, it will get added to the list of baselines. To view a project baseline, click any baseline with the category Project Baseline from the baseline list view.



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