You can edit the existing fields in a baseline as long as the baseline is in open status. A baseline cannot be edited after it is approved or rejected.
Prerequisite: You must have Create/View Baseline permission to edit baselines.

You can only edit the fields (both the system-defined fields and custom fields) in a baseline. You cannot edit the filter criteria defined for Trackers, Documents, Source Code Repositories, File Releases, and Binaries (Nexus) in the baseline.

  1. Log on to TeamForge and select a project from My Workspace.

  2. Click Baselines from the Project Home menu.

  3. Click on the required baseline from the list of baselines to view its details.

  4. Click the Edit button on the Review Baseline page.

  5. Modify the fields on the Edit Baseline page.

  6. Click Save.


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