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TitleExcerpt Run the script to add EventQ to existing projects. The script is used to back up the Review Board application data. The script can be used to dump and restore a PostgreSQL database. The script handles all the steps required to change the domain name in the site database. It does not change anything in the file system. The script allows you to access the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) scheduler and check the status of the jobs configured. The script also su...
logger-db-query Use the logger-db-query script to enable or disable logging for queries. The script is used to get the encrypted or decrypted password value for the user scmviewer.
pasql-reporting-wrapper The psql-reporting-wrapper script is used to connect to the datamart.
pasql-wrapper The psql-wrapper script is used to connect to the TeamForge application. The script is used to restore the Review Board application data from the backup directory. The script allows you to reindex the entire TeamForge data.
The Script Use the script to deploy and undeploy services, start and stop services, verify the status of services, verify the application environment, boot...