Here's a list of few noteworthy issues fixed in TeamForge 18.3.
  • Date flex field displayed the time as well for anonymous users and users with Tracker view permissions. This issue is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue in which the documents with open review were not deleted because the status Final was not found in the list of available document statuses.

  • If you had set the custom project home page for the look project, the default project home page was shown, instead of of the custom page. This issue is fixed.
  • Login attempt to TeamForge with a wrong password in a LDAP enabled environment threw an error irrelevant to the LDAP setup. This issue is resolved.
  • Improperly formatted HTML email notification was sent to monitoring users, if an artifact that included attachment(s) was updated. This formatting issue is fixed.
  • There was difficulty in debugging the errors thrown while determining the Host IP address. This issue, which was due to insufficient log messages, is resolved now.
  • There was an issue with the previous project URL name sorting, due to which the projects were not listed properly when the All Projects page was loaded (via either My Workspace > View All Projects option or My Workspace > Projects > All Projects option). This issue is fixed and the projects are now sorted and listed using project names.
  • In the steps for creating the custom project home page, the checkout directory was incorrectly shown for the look project. This is fixed.
  • When a project is created using project template, the Auto Populate functionality used in Tracker Workflow settings was not working properly. This issue is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue in which the order of the statuses were displayed incorrectly on the Task board.
  • When SimbelImportJob was run every time, the values of Tracker flex fields imported from a project, replaced the existing flex field values in the flex field table, instead of getting appended to the table. This issue is fixed.
  • JavaScript library “JQuery” is upgraded to 3.3.1 version to fix the security vulnerabilities found in earlier versions of the library.
  • When the Online Help and Downloadable PDFs links on the default TeamForge Home page were clicked, “404 Page Not Found” error was thrown. This issue is fixed.
  • The Tags option was not shown when you click the Mass Update button on a Tracker in which the Group field was disabled.
  • Unmonitoring functionality was not working via the REST API call for users monitoring a specific topic in a project. This issue is fixed.
  • When users left the Tracker Settings page without saving the changes, no alert messages were shown. This is addressed and now the users are prompted to save the page.
  • Users were unable to create a new SVN repository with the name of a deleted repository. This issue is fixed.
  • When taking the backup of TeamForge data, the error “Valid directory path is required to store the backup data” was thrown even for the correct directory path. This is resolved.
  • The LOG_QUERY_TIME_THRESHOLD token settings, if configured, were are not applied as expected. This is fixed.
  • Files in publishing repository were not accessible from default project home page. This issue is fixed.


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