TeamForge 19.0 is now available.

TeamForge 19.0 is out in the market to make Agile Lifecycle Management much easier. With advanced Baseline functions, TeamForge 19.0 brings you many more salient features and fixes, which include:

TeamForge Baseline

  • Create Projects from Project Baselines
  • Include Multiple Baseline Definitions Within Baseline Definitions and Project Baseline Definitions
  • Include External Baselines
  • Generate Baseline Packages
  • Create Baseline Definitions from the Definitions List Page
  • Monitor Baselines
  • Associations Between Baselines and TeamForge Objects
  • Refresh Baseline Status and Package Status

TeamForge Webhooks-based Event Broker

  • TeamForge-JIRA Integration Using the TeamForge Webhooks-based Event Broker
  • Register Events, Publishers, and Subscribers in TeamForge Webhooks-based Event Broker

GitAgile™—Enterprise Version Control

  • Replicate Multiple Repositories with Ease
  • Tab-level Contextual URLs for Sharing
  • Internal Code Browser: Code Review Process Enhancements

Enhanced Add New Tool Page (Integrate / Link External Application)

TeamForge-Nexus 3 Integration

For more information, see TeamForge 19.0 Release Notes.