Here's a list of few noteworthy issues fixed in TeamForge 19.0.
  • Fixed the broken sort by file name function of the FRS widget in the Review Baseline page.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented artifacts from being edited when certain special characters (more than three consecutive characters) were used in artifact Title or Description.
  • The default user role permissions have been updated to make the top-level project (home) page visible to all project members and prevent it from being deleted.
  • When creating an artifact from an email, the email got bounced back as the required fields in the artifact were not auto-populated with the values set in the Tracker Workflow Settings page. This issue is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue in which the notes added for a Git tag created/updated on a specific commit was overridden by the notes added for the subsequent tag created/updated on the same commit.
  • Changed the field description “Identifier of the IdP entity (must be a URI)” for the IDP ENTITY ID field on SAML page (Admin > Identity > SAML) to “Identifier of the IdP entity”.
  • Fixed the performance issue caused when a non-TeamForge Administrator tried to open the BINARIES application from TeamForge’s Project Home menu or tried to log on to Nexus 2 / Nexus 3 application.
  • When selecting the teams for Tracker Search criteria, neither all the teams available in the project were listed nor the non-listed projects were returned when searched for. This issued is fixed.
  • An inappropriate TeamForge system error message was displayed when the same project baseline definition was updated simultaneously on two different browser tabs. This is fixed.
  • When a binary repository (Nexus 2 / Nexus 3) is selected in the respective baseline pages, the repository structure was shown incomplete without files/folders in it. This issue is addressed by adding REST API paths for Nexus 2 / Nexus 3 in baseline file.


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