The following noteworthy issues, including any workarounds we may have, are known to exist in the TeamForge 19.0 release. These issues would be resolved in an upcoming release.
  • The Baseline service may go down during the baseline creation or the package generation process, which may obstruct subsequent baseline operations. Restart the Baseline service (teamforge stop -s teamforge-baseline and teamforge start -s teamforge-baseline) to restore baseline operations.
  • The following issues are found when a new project is created from a Project Baseline:

    • IAF permissions added in the source project are not retained in the new (or target) project.

    • Grant Automatically on Request role setting, though configured in the source project, is not retained in the target project.

    • As the publishing repository is not copied to the target project, the Source code path-based setting for publishing repository, though configured in the source project, is not retained in the target project.

  • Baseline packages, when downloaded in the Firefox browser, are downloaded successfully, but with a TeamForge system error
  • The Document folder list is not properly displayed on the View/Review/Preview Baseline pages.
  • Unlike other Tracker fields, flex fields are not restricted from being deleted when a Tracker is baselined. This results in a FieldObjectNotFound error when you compare two baselines in which one of them consists of a flex field that was deleted after the baseline was created.
  • After session timeout, user is not allowed to log on to TeamForge even with valid user credentials and an error is thrown.
  • When you select an application in Project Home > Project Admin > Application Settings page intending to delete it, the Delete button is not enabled and a Simbel import error is thrown. As a workaround, delete the application via the respective REST API call.
  • CLI reports are not showing up on sites with Oracle database.


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