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Add a Custom Event Handler to Your TeamForge Site When you add an event handler to your TeamForge site, you can automatically react to system events in ways that help your site's project members or administr...
Authenticate your Integrated Application with TeamForge To help third party developers write integrated applications, CollabNet provides an SDK.
Reference Information About Custom Event Handlers Here is some stuff you may need to know to work with event handlers.
Extend TeamForge EventQ TeamForge EventQ provides a message queue (MQ) based interface for adding custom adapters and the Extensible Data Source (XDS) system for adding new product ...
Extend TeamForge TeamForge provides you with the interrelated extension features to suit your organization's specific needs.
Integrated Application References Here is some stuff you may need to know to work with integrated applications.
Internationalize Your Integrated Application You can configure your integrated application to display languages based on the TeamForge site user's browser locale.
Custom Event Handlers in TeamForge You can create custom workflows in TeamForge using custom event handlers.
TeamForge SOAP API Reference TeamForge provides a SOAP service for each tool in the application.