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Back up and Restore TeamForge Save a copy of your TeamForge site's data to a location from where you can quickly retrieve it to your TeamForge site.
Customize TeamForge You can redesign some aspects of your site to suit your organization's needs and preferences.
FAQs on Database/Datamart/ETL/Postgres/Oracle These are some of the frequently asked questions on TeamForge database, datamart, ETL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and so on. The script can be used to dump and restore a PostgreSQL database.
Install TeamForge with an External PostgreSQL Server You can install TeamForge with its database installed separately on an external PostgreSQL server such as AWS RDS/Aurora.
FAQs on Install/Upgrade/Administration These are some of the frequently asked questions on the installation, upgrade, and site admin related activities in TeamForge.
Create a Single Cluster for Both Database and Datamart The ability to run separate PostgreSQL instances for TeamForge database and datamart on the same server has been deprecated in TeamForge 17.11.
pasql-reporting-wrapper The psql-reporting-wrapper script is used to connect to the datamart.
pasql-wrapper The psql-wrapper script is used to connect to the TeamForge application.