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Create a Single User Account To participate in a TeamForge site, a person must have a user account on that site. TeamForge administrators can create these user accounts. This topic appli...
Edit User Accounts When a user has trouble accessing the site, you may need to reset the user's password or change the user's account status.
Find a User To find a user, filter the list all CollabNet TeamForge users on your site.
Use Both SAML and LDAP for TeamForge User Authentication By setting up the SAML+LDAP IdP, TeamForge users can reap the benefits of both SAML and LDAP authentication mechanisms in a unified manner. With SAML+LDAP au...
Use SAML for TeamForge User Authentication SAML is an XML-based open standard developed by OASIS Security Services Technical Committee. It defines a framework to perform web browser SSO using secure t...
FAQs on Security These are some of the frequently asked questions on security.
Configure Your Site's Settings Use the Configure Application tool to define your site level TeamForge settings.