TeamForge 19.2 is now available.

TeamForge 19.2 is out in the market to make Agile Lifecycle Management much easier. TeamForge 19.2 brings you many more salient features and fixes, which include:

TeamForge Baseline

  • Create a New Baseline from Approved Baselines
  • Support for index.html File in Baseline Package
  • Export to Excel to Compare Baselines


  • Show Pending and Obsolete Releases


  • Review Tab Enhancements
  • Show Review Notification Message in Review Tab
  • Command Buttons Replaced with Icons

File Releases

  • New Status “Obsolete” Added to the “Edit Release” Page


  • TeamForge—Nexus 2 Integration is No Longer Supported
  • TeamForge—TestLink Integration Supported by Webhooks-based Event Broker
  • TeamForge Maven Deploy Plugin

GitAgile™—Enterprise Version Control

  • Git Repository Creation Simplified
  • Import Git Repository into TeamForge from the Code Browser
  • Add Files to Git Repository from the Code Browser
  • Show Old and New Images in Commit and Code Review Diffs
  • No support for HA Setup for Gerrit
  • History Protection Email Template

For more information, see TeamForge 19.2 Release Notes.