Here's a list of few noteworthy issues fixed in TeamForge 19.2.
  • Fixed a few memory leak issues that occurred during Baseline REST API calls.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented importing of EventQ Server’s SSL certificate, which in turn impeded the TeamForge initialization process.
  • TeamForge can only be customized via .jar files. Fixed an issue that allowed users to upload other file types.
  • Fixed a discrepancy due to which the the Artifact Open/Close Chart (Multiple Trackers) report showed inaccurate (negative) number of open artifacts.
  • The Gerrit project replication process has been tweaked so that the process, by default, is no longer triggered immediately after you restart the Git master server. This helps in quickly bringing up the master server. However, you can set the replicateOnStartup attribute to true in [plugin "teamforge.replication"] section of gerrit.config if required.
  • The commit and branch information shown on the Changes tab was inconsistent when you navigate to the tab from the Project Home > Source Code and My Workspace > My Recent Repositories menus, which is now fixed.
  • Fixed the incorrect text formatting issues (superscript, subscript and so on were not formatted properly) found on Wiki PDF files.
  • To fix a tracker report data discrepancy, the Datamart ETL logic has been tweaked to pick up artifact update data (from two or more events with the same timestamp) in the right sequence as the events occured.
  • Fixed the incorrect error message shown after a custom event handler stops an event (for example, a create artifact event).
  • Fixed the blank Synchronize Permissions progress window shown when you synchronize SCM integrations (My Workspace > Admin > Projects > Integrations > SCM Integrations).
  • Fixed the broken UI issue that was found to occur on sites with custom event handlers meant to validate artifact move operations.
  • Fixed an issue with the user select field due to which the list of selected users was cleared when you try to modify the list of users you created earlier.
  • The Nexus repository linked with a TeamForge project was not delinked when you delete the project, which is now fixed.


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