The following noteworthy issues, including any workarounds we may have, are known to exist in the TeamForge 19.2 release. These issues would be resolved in an upcoming release.
  • File attachments of a file release that is part of a baseline can be deleted.
  • Instead of an appropriate error message, a TeamForge system error is shown when you try to delete one of the versions of a baselined document.
  • On TeamForge sites with Oracle, post upgrade from a non-SSL to SSL-enabled setup, the integrated application URLs are not updated (“http” in the URL is not updated to “https”).

    As a workaround, run the following queries:

    • Update the integrated_application table.

       update integrated_application set base_url=replace(base_url,'http:','https:'),go_url=replace(go_url,'http:','https:'),end_point=replace(end_point,'http:','https:'),admin_url=replace(admin_url,'http:','https:') where base_url like %/binary%' or base_url like '%/rb/%' or base_url like '%/orc%';
    • Update the CLI URL in the linked_application table.

       update linked_application set application_url=replace(application_url,'http:','https:') where application_url like '%/cli/%';
    • Update the SAML URL in the key_value table.

       update key_value set config_value=replace(config_value,'http:','https:') where config_key='saml2.sp.entityid' or config_key='saml2.sp.assertion_consumer_service.url' or config_key='saml2.sp.single_logout_service.url';
  • CLI reports are not showing up on sites with Oracle database.


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