Once you have your Nexus server set up, install the TeamForge-Nexus integration plugin.

You must keep the following information handy before installing the TeamForge-Nexus integration plugin:

  • Nexus absolute path: This is the path to the directory where you have Nexus installed. In other words, the path to the directory where you have your Nexus files unzipped. For example, /nexus-3.14.0-04-unix/sonatype-work/nexus3 (Nexus 3).
  • TeamForge host URL: The URL to access TeamForge. For example, http://ctf.cloud.collab.net.
  • TeamForge administrator user name and password.
  • Nexus Application Name: The name given to your Nexus integration. In other words, the name found in the Nexus integrated application configuration file.
  • Nexus Application Prefix: The prefix chosen for Nexus. In other words, the prefix found in the Nexus integrated application configuration file.
  • Nexus URL: The fully qualified Nexus URL.

Installing and Configuring the TeamForge-Nexus 3 Integration Plugin

  1. Log on to the Nexus server.
  2. Stop Nexus if it’s running.
    • Linux:
      ./bin/nexus stop
    • Windows:
      \bin\nexus stop
  3. Download the TeamForge—Nexus 3 integration plugin.
    • If you are using Nexus 3.14-3.18: Download the CTF-Nexus-3-Integration-Plugin-3.1.50.zip file.
    • If you are using Nexus 3.19: Download the CTF-Nexus-3-Integration-Plugin-3.1.51.zip file.
  4. Unzip the CTF-Nexus-3-Integration-Plugin-3.1.xx.zip file.
    • Linux:
      cd <nexus-install-directory>/nexus/system
      unzip CTF-Nexus-3-Integration-Plugin-3.1.xx.zip
    • Windows: Use a utility such as WinRAR.
  5. Install the TeamForge-Nexus 3 integration plugin.
    sudo java -jar <nexus-install-directory>/nexus/system/CTF-Nexus-3-Integration-Plugin-3.1.xx/installer.jar -enable
  6. Enter the Nexus absolute path and TeamForge host URL when prompted.
  7. Start Nexus.
    • Linux:
      cd <nexus-install-directory>
      ./bin/nexus start
    • Windows:
      cd <nexus-install-directory>
       \bin\nexus start
  8. Log on to Nexus 3 as Site Administrator.
  9. Click Realms under the Security section on the Administration menu.
  10. Select TF Authentication Realm and TF Authentication Token Realm from the available list of realms.
  11. Add them to the list of active realms and click Save.
  12. Once Nexus is up and running, upload the Nexus IAF descriptors to TeamForge.
    java -jar <nexus-install-directory>/nexus/system/CTF-Nexus-3-Integration-Plugin-3.1.xx/installer.jar -installxml

    Enter the TeamForge Host URL, TeamForge admin user name and password, Nexus application name, Nexus application prefix and Nexus URL when prompted.