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Control Your Code Review Policy You can control all Gerrit Code Review features directly from TeamForge by specifying a code review policy.
Adapters - Integrations Using TeamForge EventQ TeamForge EventQ integrates with different flavors of work item, SCM/commit, build, and review servers using adapters.
FAQs on Git/Gerrit/History Protection These are some of the frequently asked questions on TeamForge-Git integration, Git history protection and so on.
TeamForge-Git Integration TeamForge supports integration with Git, a distributed version control tool powered by Gerrit.
TeamForge-Git Integration Reference This topic discusses the mappings between TeamForge and Gerrit, Gerrit access rights, directory structure, connectivity, logs and configuration properties, a...
Work with the Internal Code Browser For Subversion and Git repositories, you have the option to use the TeamForge code browser which is turned on by default while integrating the source code se...
Review Code (Gerrit Single-commit and Pull Request Reviews) TeamForge provides a unified code review experience as it supports both Pull Request and Gerrit single-commit reviews.