Here's a list of few noteworthy issues fixed in TeamForge 19.3.
  • The Status/Comments section was wiped off the Tracker artifact of a baseline enabled site, if the text field values or the single-select flex field values in the artifact were enclosed within double curly braces. This issue is fixed.
  • Images with space in their title and the quoted text added in the Wiki page were not formatted correctly in the Wiki PDF files. This issue is fixed.
  • If the Enable Document Admin to edit option was disabled in the documents created by the users that were deleted, the Document Administrators were unble to unlock those documents. This issue is fixed.
  • The numbered list added in the Comment Text field of a Tracker artifact was displayed incorrectly in Microsoft Internet Explorer, when the artifact was updated. This issue is fixed.
  • The default TeamForge Administrator and the local users, were unable to log on to TeamForge on LDAP/SAML/SAML+LDAP enabled sites with the site-options.conf token ALLOW_CASE_INSENSITIVE_LOGIN=true, if their usernames were not in lower case. This issue is resolved.
  • When trying to merge the TeamForge Git/Gerrit commits associated with a VersionOne work item, an invalid work item id error was thrown. This is fixed by removing the parameter “-Djsse.enableSNIExtension=false” from the site-options.conf tokens, JAVA_OPTS and JBOSS_JAVA_OPTS.
  • Clicking the Save or the Save and Close button for multiple times when creating or updating a Tracker artifact, resulted in the creation or update of the artifact as many times as the button was clicked. This is fixed.
  • When creating or updating a Tracker artifact, if the artifact was saved with non-filled mandatory fields, only an inline error message below the non-filled mandatory field was shown. This is fixed to show an error message banner (on top of the page) in addition to the inline error message for a better user experience.
  • When the field height of a Tracker text field was set to a value > 1, the auto-populate functionality was not working. This issue is fixed.
  • Post upgrade to TeamForge 18.2, when a non-site admin user with Tracker and Review Board permissions tried to create/update/publish a review on Review Board, the Bugs field was not showing the artifact id (hyperlinked). This issue is fixed and now the artifact id is shown in the Bugs field, which on clicking redirects the user to the respective artifact details page.
  • When trying to create a source code repository in Microsoft Internet Explorer, a blank Create Repository page was shown. This issue is fixed.
  • A user, who is the member of a user group having Tracker admin and Planning Folder admin permissions in a specific project, was not able to access the Team information in that project via the REST API calls. This issue is fixed.
  • Usernames are not logged in the SSL access log file of TeamForge for git clone and git push operations over HTTPS protocol. This issue is fixed.
  • In a multi-host setup, all baseline related errors/queries were wrongly shown in the TeamForge PostgreSQL logs. This issue is fixed.
  • The event handler that validates the artifact update events, now tracks and logs the details when associations, dependencies, attachments, and tags are added/deleted and when the fields such as Team, Comment Text, and Autosum effort are modified in an artifact.
  • On TeamForge sites with Oracle, post upgrade from a non-SSL to SSL-enabled setup, the integrated application URLs are not updated (“http” in the URL is not updated to “https”). This issue is fixed.
  • Was able to file attachments of a file release that is part of a baseline. This issue is fixed.
  • Instead of an appropriate error message, a TeamForge system error was thrown when trying to delete one of the versions of a baselined document. This issue is fixed.


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