TeamForge 20.0 is now available.

TeamForge 20.0 is out in the market to make Agile Lifecycle Management much easier. TeamForge 20.0 brings you many more salient features and fixes, which include:

  • The New Documents List Page
    • Tag Cloud
    • Documents Search: @user and #status
  • TeamForge Baselines–Log Entries for Baseline Database Migration Issues
  • Integrations
    • Traceability Between TeamForge Requirements and TestLink Test Suites
    • Removal of Unwanted Nexus Prilvileges
  • Integration of Tools Using Post-submit Webhooks
  • Manage Obsolete Single-select and Multi-select Custom Field Values
  • TeamForge SCM Changes–The New Submodules Tab and more

For more information, see TeamForge 20.0 Release Notes.