If you don't want to enter your password each time you access a CVS repository, you can create a set of SSH authorization keys and use the public-key method for automatic authentication.

Secure shell (SSH) can use public-key cryptography to confirm your identity, authenticate you to the remote host, and encrypt data transmission. On many TeamForge sites, access to CVS repositories is authenticated using SSH.

These instructions will help you only if all the following are true:

  • You are using CVS.
  • The CVSROOT (or “cvs -d”) info given you by your admin (or the CTF “Repositories” list) does not include :pserver:
  • Your admin has set up SSH access for you.

Check with your site administrator if you are not sure about any of these conditions.

  1. Generate an SSH key pair according to the instructions in the documentation for your SSH client. (Each SSH client provides its own mechanism for key pair generation.)

  2. Log on to TeamForge.

  3. On your My Workspace page, select MY SETTINGS from the My Page menu.

  4. On your User Details page, click AUTHORIZATION KEYS tab.

  5. On the Authorization Keys page, copy the public key from the .pub file in your SSH installation directory and paste it into the Authorized Keys field.

  6. Click Update.

Your SSH public key is now saved. When you log into a CVS repository on your TeamForge site, SSH automatically checks your private key against this public key and authenticates you. You do not have to enter a password.