When you add an event handler to your TeamForge site, you can automatically react to system events in ways that help your site's project members or administrators.

An event handler is a program that watches for events on a TeamForge site and communicates them to another system. You can add your own event handlers to the set that are built into TeamForge.

For example, some of your site’s members may be using TeamForge alongside a legacy issue tracking system. You may want to write an event handler that listens to the Artifact Create event on your TeamForge site and sends the details about any newly created artifact to the legacy system through a webservice.

  1. Create your custom event handler and package it as a .jar file.
  2. Check with your system administrator that the ENABLE_UI_FOR_CUSTOM_EVENT_HANDLERS token in the site configuration file is set to true.
  3. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  4. Click SYSTEM TOOLS from the Projects menu.
  5. Click Customizations.
  6. Click Create and use the Browse control to locate your .jar file.
  7. Click Add.

    Your .jar file is uploaded to your TeamForge site and the event cache is cleared. All the events you specified in your event handler are now captured and sent to the external web service.