To begin controlling multiple projects at one go, create a project group.

To manage two or more independent projects, create a project group in TeamForge. Similar to projects, a project group provides the platform for sharing project members, roles and permissions across a group of projects. With some well planned settings, you can manage several of your projects and also effectively control the project members accessing each project.

To begin managing your several projects together, create a project group in TeamForge.

  1. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  2. Click PROJECT GROUPS from the Projects menu. The existing project groups are listed here.
  3. To create a new project group, click Create Project Group.
  4. On the Create Project Group page, write a name and description for the project group. The project group name must be unique, however, it can be the same as any of the projects.

    The project group is created.

    In your Project Group page, you can add projects, add project group members or specify roles for the project group.



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