These are some of the frequently asked questions on customizing the TeamForge site.

What elements of a site can I customize?

You can customize the site home page and the default home page of every project on the site. You can also customize the menu bars, headers and footers of any page.

For more information about branding, see: Customize anything on your site.

How does TeamForge use stylesheets?

The look and feel of much of TeamForge is controlled by cascading style sheets (CSS).

All default CSS styles can be customized to alter the look of the application. You can customize fonts (color, size, font face, etc.), links, backgrounds, headings, tables, tabs, and anything else that CSS can control.

The default TeamForge CSS file is css/styles_new.css.

New CSS files can be added to the css/ directory and reference them via templates/body_header.vm.

Can I substitute my own images for the default TeamForge images?

Every image in TeamForge can be edited or replaced by a new image file.

Images are stored in an images directory in the branding repository.


  • To replace the masthead graphic, replace the image file images/masthead/logo.gif.
  • To replace the folder graphic, replace the image file images/my/all_projects.gif.

Can I use my own custom JavaScript on my site?

The JavaScript scripts used in TeamForge can be customized.

Existing JavaScript scripts are located in the js/ directory in the branding repository.

New scripts can be checked into the js/ directory and then referenced from Velocity templates.

Can I customize the web interface?

You can customize the way the web interface looks and functions through the use of Velocity templates.



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