When a user has trouble accessing the site, you may need to reset the user's password or change the user's account status.

Edit a User Account

If your TeamForge site uses LDAP for single-sign-on, passwords must be reset in the LDAP system, not on the Web administration pages. Ask your system administrator for help.

To avoid disasters, TeamForge makes it impossible to delete or deactivate the TeamForge admin account. You also can’t remove the TeamForge admin flag or mark the admin user as a restricted user.

On sites with LDAP/SAML/SAML+LDAP integrations, site administrators can designate select users that do not have a SAML or LDAP account as local users. Local users can log on to TeamForge using just the TeamForge credentials while bypassing the SAML/LDAP/SAML+LDAP authentication realms. A local user can also change and reset his password. For more information, see ALLOW LOCAL USER.
  1. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  2. Click USERS from the Projects menu.
  3. On the USERS tab, click the name of the user whose account you want to edit.
  4. On the User Details page, click Edit.
  5. On the Edit User Information page, make your changes and click Update. You can specify up to a maximum of three alternate email addresses, if required.

Act on Multiple User Accounts at Once

A TeamForge administrator can edit the status of multiple user accounts simultaneously.

For example, if you have multiple pending new accounts to approve, you can approve them in a batch instead of individually editing each account.

In the case of TeamForge admin accounts, you cannot make any of these edits:

Delete the account.
Change the account status to anything but active.
Remove the TeamForge admin flag.
Mark it as a restricted user.
  1. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  2. Click USERS from the Projects menu.
  3. On the Users page, select the users whose status you want to edit.
  4. Click the desired status change.
    • Delete - Deleted users are removed from all projects. All assigned items are removed from the user. Deleted users do not count against your TeamForge license count.
    • Disable - Disabled users cannot log in to TeamForge and do not receive notification messages, but they remain members of projects and selection lists.
    • Activate - Active users have full use of TeamForge, subject to RBAC permissions.