EventQ is no longer supported and is completely removed from TeamForge starting from TeamForge 20.0. If you have been using EventQ on your site, you must consider a few things when you upgrade to TeamForge 20.0 (or later).

EventQ as a TeamForge service is no longer supported from TeamForge 20.0. In case you have been using EventQ, there are a few things you must keep in mind when you upgrade to TeamForge 20.0 or later.

  • All the reports (for example, some of the Activity Reports) that use EventQ datastore are deprecated.
  • All EventQ-enabled integrations such as integrations with Jira, Jenkins and so on are deprecated. As an alternative, you can create integrations via the TeamForge Webhooks-based Event Broker (WEBR).
  • All EventQ related site option tokens are deprecated.
  • Do not discard your EventQ data. Back up your EventQ database before you upgarde.

Are you Upgrading to TeamForge 20.0 (or Later)?

If you have been using EventQ and if you are upgrading to TeamForge 20.0 (or later):

  1. Undeploy EventQ services before you upgrade your TeamForge services (before you do yum install teamforge).
    teamforge undeploy -s eventq
    teamforge undpeloy -s rabbtimq
    teamforge undeploy -s redis
  2. Remove all the EventQ service identifiers (eventq, redis, rabbitmq) from the site-options.conf except mongodb before running the teamforge provision command.

    The teamforge provision command fails in case your site-options.conf file has any of the EventQ service identfiers (except mongodb, which is allowed).

    You must have mongodb included in the site-options.conf to avoid issues during the data migration phase of the teamforge provision.

    For example, here’s a sample host:SERVICES token when you upgrade to TeamForge on a new hardware with all services on the same server.

    server-01:SERVICES = ctfcore ctfcore-database ctfcore-datamart service-monitor mail etl search codesearch subversion cvs cliserver gerrit gerrit-database binary binary-database reviewboard reviewboard-database reviewboard-adapter baseline baseline-database baseline-post-install webr webr-database `mongodb`

Post Upgrade Task

  1. Post upgrade to TeamForge 20.0 (or later), you must remove the EventQ packages.
    yum erase CN-eventq CN-eventq-runtime CN-rabbitmq CN-redis
  2. Delete the EventQ application from the list of integrated applications.
    1. Select My Workspace > Admin.
    2. Select Projects > Integrated Apps.
    3. Select EventQ and click Force Delete.