To help get started on collaborating with other project members, you can provide some information about yourself.

This information appears whenever someone clicks your name anywhere on the site. For example, when an artifact is assigned to you, your name appears as a link that other users can click.

  1. Click My Settings from the My Page menu.
  2. In the User Details section, click Edit and provide some information to help potential coworkers get to know you.
  3. Click Choose File to upload a 100-by-100-pixel picture of yourself, or of something that suggests who you are.
  4. Under Detail, provide a summary of your interests, skills, or other characteristics.
  5. Select the language you prefer to use. You can choose to receive emails from your TeamForge site in English, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.
  6. If necessary, review and change your password, official name, and email address.

    This is the email address where you receive alerts about changes to items you are involved with, such as a discussion forum you are monitoring or a code commit associated with an artifact you created.

  7. Click Update.

User Preferences

  1. Select the User Preferences tab.
  2. Select your notification pereference for monitored items. Select one of the following options from the ** NOTIFICATIONS ON MONITORED ITEMS** drop-down list:
    • Email per Change
    • Daily Digest Email
    • Don’t Send Email
  3. Select the INCLUDE MY OWN UPDATES IN MY NOTIFICATIONS check box to have notification emails sent for your own updates.
  4. Select the NOTIFY ASSOCIATION AND DEPENDENCY UPDATES check box to have notification emails sent when associations and dependencies are updated.
  5. Select an encoding format from the FILE ENCODING FOR EXPORT drop-down list.
  6. Click Save.

Authorization Keys

Select the Authorization Keys tab, enter any authorization keys you may have (ssh authorization keys for example) and click Update.


Select the Roles tab, select one of the options from the View drop-down list. You can select Roles Created For a Project, Roles Inherited From a Parent Project or Site-wide roles to view the corresponding roles assigned to you. See [Which role is assigned to me?][faqs.html#which-role-is-assigned-to-me]

User Group Membership

Select the User Group Membership tab and view the list of user groups you are a member of.