You might want to create roles that projects across the site can use with minimum effort and maintenance. Using global project roles is an easy way of enforcing role-based similarities and removing role duplication across projects. You can suggest to the project administrators to use common global project roles while assigning project tasks in CollabNet TeamForge, instead of creating and managing several similar roles for their individual projects.

A global project role is a ready-to-use role available in all projects. Only site administrators or restricted site administrators can create and manage a ready-to-use role.

As a project administrator, you can use global project roles provided by the site administrators instead of creating and managing roles tailored to your projects.

Before you create a role in your project, it is a good idea to check all the available ready-to-use roles. You are likely to get ones that grant the desired set of permissions.

Global project roles serve a different purpose from that of a site-wide role. The site-wide roles enable site administrators to create restricted site administrators for providing assitance in site management. Besides that, site-wide roles can be used to grant tool/application access across the site to a user.