A site must have one or more servers to handle source code repositories and users. The source code server can be the same server as the application server or a separate server.

When you set up a managed software configuration management (SCM) server, you enable users to create, manage, and share repositories through CollabNet TeamForge.

You can integrate more than one source code server of a given type. For example, you can have two or more Subversion servers on your site. Consult a system administrator about the requirements for setting this up.

  1. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  2. Click Projects > INTEGRATIONS.
  3. On the SCM INTEGRATIONS page, click Create.
  4. On the Create Integration page, write a name and description for the integration.
  5. Choose the type of SCM server you want.
  6. Supply the host name for the Soap Service Host. This is the network address of the machine on which the integrated service such as Subversion is running.
  7. Leave the default values in the SOAP Service Port field.
  8. Specify whether users will use SSL to connect to their repositories.
  9. Change the Repository Root value if you want to store the repository on your server in a different location. The repository root is the top-level directory under which all source code repositories reside.
  10. Select the Requires Approval check box if you want an administrator to approve all repositories created on the server. By default, unmanaged servers require approval for all repositories, because repositories must be created and integrated manually.
  11. Supply the URL by which your users will access the service. This will be of the form http://<myscmserver.com>/integration/viewvc/viewvc.cgi.
  12. The Use Internal Code Browser option is selected by default to allow the users to access the TeamForge code browser for a Subversion or Git server. For more information about this feature, see Get the Code.

    Software requirements for using TeamForge code browser, if Subversion or Git is running on a separate server: Subversion Edge 5.1.0 and TeamForge - Git integration 8.4.4 or later.

    You need to specify the SCM Viewer URL (see step 11), the way you would for ViewVC or Gitweb. The ‘http://’ or ‘https://’, the host name and the port number (if any) need to be set correctly. As a minimum requirement, the URL should point to the root of the SCM http server and the domain name.

    If the SCM server is not the same as the TeamForge server, make sure you install SSL certificates or visit the URL for the site directly from your browser, and import and trust the certificate into the browser.
  13. Click Save. CollabNet TeamForge attempts to validate the SCM viewer URL. If it cannot validate the URL, you can:
    • Correct it if you have entered it incorrectly.
    • Select Save with errors if the URL is different for an end user than it is for the CollabNet TeamForge server; for example, if you have a firewall in place.

If you are adding a managed source code server, it is now added. All projects can now establish repositories on the server. If you are adding an unmanager CVS server, all projects can now request repositories on the server. A CollabNet TeamForge administrator must create and integrate them manually.