A planning folder's position may reflect scheduling changes in relation to the work contained in other planning folders.

For example, when plans change and the work represented in a later planning folder moves ahead of an earlier planning folder, move the folders around in the hierarchy to reflect the new relationship.

When you move a document folder, any documents and subfolders that it contains are also moved to the destination folder. Before promoting a planning folder to a higher level in your hierarchy of folder, make sure its member artifacts (and its member’s parent artifacts, if any) are all assigned to the same planning folder, or to a planning folder that belongs to the same folder hierarchy.

  1. Click TRACKERS from the Project Home menu.

  2. In the planning folder tree, find the foler that you want to move. Click the title to select it.

  3. Choose Cut from the EDIT menu.

  4. In the folder tree, find the folder into which you want to move the selected folder. Click the title of the folder to select it.

  5. Choose Paste option from the EDIT menu. The folder is moved to the destination folder.



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