The Team view in Planning Board provides an option to filter artifacts for a specific team within the selected planning folder.

You can select the same planning folder in all three swimlanes. This enables an efficient and faster way of planning a sprint simultaneously for three different teams residing in the same planning folder. You can also select the same planning folder and same team in all three swimlanes for easy handling of artifact cards.

View Artifact Cards

  1. Click TRACKERS from the Project Home menu.

  2. In the List Trackers, Planning Folders and Teams page, click PLAN. A Planning Board for the current project context is displayed.

  3. Select a planning folder from the drop-down list.

  4. View the artifact cards based on your requirement:

    • Select a team from the Select a Team drop-down list to view artifacts of a specific team.

    • Select None to view unassigned artifacts.

    • Select All artifacts to view all the artifact cards residing in the selected planning folder.

Assign Artifacts to a Team

You can select an unassigned artifact from one swimlane and drag it to another where you have a team selected.