To help team members understand how to work with a planning folder, create statuses for it that correspond to the planning folder's life cycle.

When you have created a planning folder status, you can apply it to any planning folder in your project.

For example, at a given moment you might have one planning folder in “Under development” status, while another is in “Finished” status and another is in “Preliminary scoping” status.

  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.

  2. Click Planning Folder Settings.

  3. Under Statuses, click Add.

  4. Configure your new planning folder status.

    1. Give the status an unambiguous name that other will find easy to understand.

    2. Specify whether the status counts as active or inactive or freeze. Project members may want to exclude inactive planning folders from their view, to avoid overload.

    3. Select which value is the default value for new planning folders and planning folders that originated in earlier TeamForge versions.

    4. Arrange your planning folder statuses in the order that makes sense for you.



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