A registered CollabNet TeamForge user can ask to be a member of a project. As the project administrator, it's up to you to approve or reject such requests.

When a CollabNet TeamForge user submits a request for project membership, the request is placed in the User Membership section of the Project Administration page, pending approval by a project administrator. The request is also displayed in the Items Pending My Approval section of each project administrator’s My Page.

  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.

  2. On the Project Admin Menu, click User Membership, then click the PENDING REQUESTS tab.

  3. Under Users Requesting to Join Project, select the user you want to approve or reject.

    • Click Approve to approve the request and add the user to the project.

    • Click Reject to deny the request.

  4. To view details about the user or add a comment before approving or rejecting the request, click the user name. This is optional.

The user receives an email notification when the request is approved or rejected.