You can move artifacts in a planning folder up and down to reflect the order in which they should be addressed.

A set of user stories often includes dependency relationships that require that one user story be addressed before another. For example, suppose a backend database modification must be in place before a user interface component can be created to access it. Both user stories may have the same degree of priority, but one has to be done before the other.

One way to manage this is by ranking the user stories in your planning view so that they reflect the sequence you want. When you do this, team members have a better chance of selecting work efficiently and reducing the need for rework.

  1. If you are not an administrator on this project, ask your project administrator or site administrator to assign you sequencing permission.

  2. Click TRACKERS from the Project Home menu.

  3. In the folder tree, open the planning folder containing the artifacts that you want to reorder.

  4. Click RANK. You can now drag and drop the artifacts in your planning folder into whatever relative positions you want.

To go back to the sort order you had before (for example, sorted by priority), click SORT.



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